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Fresh Prince of Botox

Episode 21 is with Thomas Chin....AKA the Fresh Prince Of Botox!. Today we dive into allll the questions regarding Botox and Filler. Are they bad for you? What's really in them, how long do they last? Thomas provides the science behind all of it, common misconceptions, botched procedures, a myth or fact segment and lots more! He was such a delight to have, enjoy!

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are such a prevalent thing in society today that isn't always talked about. In this episode I sit down with Page Abbott, a Registered Psychologist of 10+ years who provides private counselling for addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. We discussed myths and facts, how genetics play a role in addiction, common symptoms of an eating disorder, treatments, mental health and lots more!

Paranormal Investigating with Rob Seguin

Ever wanted to know exactly goes on in the life of a paranormal investigator? Rob and I have a chat and we answer alllll the questions in detail. We discussed how he got started in investigating, his first ghost encounter he had while in the military, the equipment uses, skeptics, psychics, the most haunted places, and so much more! Believe in it or or not, it's a interesting topic to hear learn about. Enjoy!

In Vitro Fertilization with Alexis Fooks

This episode I dive into IVF with Alexis Fooks, who has been struggling with fertility issue for the past couple of years. We talk about her journey with IVF, the costs associated with it, common myths, mental health & lots more. Enjoy!

Entertainment Industry with Frankie Cena

For episode #17 I interviewed Frankie Cena, a Canadian TV personality, model, previous winner and host of Mr. World, Debate Coach, and contestant on several TV shows including a new Netflix series called Sing On! Frankie talked about his experiences in the entertainment industry, what is what like competing in Mr.World, pageant life, the struggle of rejection, advice, and of course - his story of meeting Simon Cowell. This was a really great episode surrounding the craziness of the entertainment industry!

Multi Level Marketing with Taylor Slack

Episode 16 is all about Multi Level Marketing! There's a lot of stigma surrounding MLMs, so I sat down with Taylor Slack, a successful stay at home mom who has been working with Isagenix for the past 2 years. We talked about the skepticism and negativity behind MLMs, the common "hey girl!" messages we all receive, misconceptions, and answer some savage questions from listeners. Sit back and enjoy!

Scoliosis and my surgical journey

Ever wanted to learn more about Scoliosis? In my solo episode, I do a brief dive into Scoliosis, signs and symptoms, surgery, and of course - my personal surgical journey. Join me for a quick episode! Please note that my findings are based on my personal experiences only.

All About Sleep

All about sleep! This episode I talk to Dr. Paul Teman, a Board Certified Sleep Specialist who treats patients with sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, parasomnias, insomnia etc. We dove right into typical sleep routine questions, insomnia & narcolepsy, treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy, sleep paralysis, legal cases, CBD oil, myths, his medical school journey, and more!

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

This episode deals with the challenges and complications of living with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). My guest, Dallas, has been living with UC since she was 13. We discuss how she navigates her day to day life and what it's like to live with an invisible illness (and lots of poop). Join us and learn more about the disease so we can spread awareness!

Military Talk

What's it really like to be in the Canadian Army? Join me and "Corporal Whisky" discuss his personal experiences on the field, what made him want to enroll, missions, favorite memories, media portrayal and lots more!

Saving and Investing with Kenton Shouldice

Money money money! In this episode I talk to entrepreneur and CEO of Shouldice Wealth, Kenton Shouldice. We talk about the basics of investing, why its important, mutual funds, bitcoin, common misconceptions, his children's book, and his overall journey as an entrepreneur! Sit back and take a dive with us into the financial world.

Let's Learn About OCD and Anxiety

What better week to talk about OCD and Anxiety than on OCD Awareness week!? Join me on this episode as I talk to Dr. Felicity Sapp, a Registered Clinical Psychologist and Canadian Accredited Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. We take a deep dive into OCD, the different types, levels of severity, misconceptions, intrusive thoughts and compulsions, career advice, and more.

The Journey of an Olympian

Join me on Episode 9 as I get into the mind of an Olympic athlete. Jessica Zelinka is a Canadian heptathlete and 100 m hurdler. She's a 2 time Olympian and has competed throughout the years winning many many awards and medals. Throughout the episode we talk about the struggles she's faced, her training, competing after giving birth, identity, doping in the industry & much more.

Let's Talk About Multiple Sclerosis

Erin was recently diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and is here to talk about her journey since being diagnosed. We dive into the symptoms, treatments, stereotypes, and what her life is like today. Whether you already know a ton about MS, or know nothing - this episode is both educational and super interesting.

The Comedian Tales

The Tales of a Comedian! Marcus Ryan is an Award-Winning Comedian from Australia. He's traveled the world and performed in over 43 countries. In this episode we talk about the Comedy Industry, annoying stereotypes, lifestyle, repeating jokes, and the truth about some of the big comedians in the industry. Join us as we dive into the reality of what it's really like to be a comedian.

Former Police Officer turned Astrologer

Peggy Lynch was a Police Officer and head of the Domestic Abuse Unit with the Calgary Police for over 26 years. Post retirement, she began her career as an Astrologer. We discuss the crazy cases that have always stuck with her, statistics in the police force and of course - what 'mercury in retrograde' really means. Join us for an interesting chat about her experiences!

Life of a Medium/Psychic

Rhona Beaumont has been practicing as a Medium, Medical inituitive, Psychic and Healer for over 15 years. Her services are aimed at helping people find their true life purpose, while channeling spirit and energy healing. In this episode we discuss the moment she realized she was psychic, funny spirit stories, common misconceptions, and her overall spiritual journey. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, Rhona provides really good insight into this 'world' and how it's impacted her life.

Let's Talk Law

The Honorable Bonnie Rawlins was a former judge of the Court of Queens Bench for almost 30 years! During the episode we talk about her journey with law, advice for students, crazy cases shes overseen, the key differences between the Canadian and U.S systems, Ethics, Harvey Specter (of course), and lots more! Join us for an hour of Bonnie discussing her life and the decisions that led her to where she is now.

Living with Schizophrenia

James has been living with Schizophrenia for almost a decade. We dive into how and when it all began, hallucinations, treatment, major misconceptions in society, and where he is today. Join us on his journey to discovering what it's really like to live with Schizophrenia!

Tales from a flight attendant

Sophia is a flight attendant that works at a large North American airline. Throughout the episode we discuss what it's like to work in the industry, the employment process, tips, myths and more! Join us for a fun and pretty "fly" time.

The Bar Bachelor YYC

The Bar Bachelor YYC is a mock-Bachelor show that took place at a local bar in Calgary. One man - 5 girls. Who got the final rose, how did it all begin, and whats next? These are all questions that will be answered in the episode, along with more details!